Even a brief daily meditation practice can help you

  1. Reduce stress. Meditation helps clears the mind and slow down the nervous system so that you can think better on your feet, problem-solve more creatively, and focus better. Try Simple Habit’s Reduce Stress meditation.
  2. Improve relationships. Meditation teaches you to respond, not react. As a leader or team member, emotional intelligence is key to approaching each situation with even-headedness and compassion, rather than an emotional reaction that you might regret afterwards. Try Simple Habit’s Mindful Relationships meditation.
  3. Sleep better. Sleep is crucial, but many people often don’t get enough of it. Meditating even briefly before bed can help calm the mind so you can fall asleep quicker and feel more well-rested. Try Simple Habit’s Deep Sleep meditation.
  4. Focus Your Attention: Practicing mindfulness and meditation has repeatedly been shown to improve our ability to sustain attention. Even in high stress work environments, research shows that people who are trained in meditation are able to stay focused on a task longer. Try Simple Habit’s 5 minute meditations called Sharpen Focus.