Meditation is a means of transforming or cultivating the mind, even if it's just for 5 minutes. By taking a moment of our day to meditate, we become aware of our thoughts, emotions, bodies, and environments. The practice of meditation can teach us how to be with whatever we experience in a non-judgemental way. Through this, we can gain mental clarity and can start to respond to situations, rather than react out of habit or fear.

We naturally feel many benefits from meditation. The mind and body start to feel more relaxed and at ease, and we start letting go of tension. Over time, the things that are truly important to us become clearer. For some, the effects can be shown immediately, while others might see the impacts in a couple of months. We begin strengthening our ability to stay present to the moment rather than getting lost in the noise of the mind.

In this digital, on-the-go world, it can be hard to find moments of solitude. At Simple Habit, we strive to help you be completely present during your busy lives. With a 5-minute meditation, find peace, improve focus, or just simply be.